Meet our team

Amandine DELHAYE

Quality manager

FORGINAL medical

What do I like best about it? The huge diversity of challenges, projects and of the people with whom I work! It is an environment where things are constantly in movement, and where you learn a new thing every day. It is a very enriching activity, both from a technical and a human point of view.

Dominique SAUZEDDE

Design Office

With FORGINAL medical for 17 years

I love what I do because it is one of those rare jobs where you go from a simple "lump of metal" to a finished precision part. In my job, I create things, using tools that have virtually infinite possibilities.


Design Office Project Manager

With FORGINAL medical for 3 years

What I like about my job is that I can design and improve what already exists. Here, I have been responsible for the standardisation of all the tools, the aim being to optimise the whole process in my department.


Design Office

With FORGINAL medical for 5 years

I was in the tooling design office, like I am here. The work here is a bit different on the materials we use.What I like about my job is that it is never the same! There's something new to do every day. It is anything but monotonous.

Ramazan EKER

Hot drop forging

With FORGINAL medical for 12 years

You can't make any mistakes in the medical field. You have to be really precise and it involves teamwork. When I am working I am always thinking about the others and getting things done.


NDT (non-destructive testing)

With FORGINAL medical for 9 years

My job is very interesting, and I have a lot of responsibility. We are the people who certify that FORGINAL medical parts are compliant and defect-free. I like the fact that my job demands rigour and being meticulous


Area Sales Manager

FORGINAL medical

What I also like is introducing our technology to design offices and technicians who didn't know about it. Ours is a profession that has been around for many years, with long-standing skills, but it is largely unknown


Export Area Manager

FORGINAL medical

The Forginal team has incomparable expertise and experience, efficient industrial processes and standards that are unrivalled within the profession. And we are all working together towards a single objective: to support our customers throughout their projects and transform visions into success.


Export Area Manager

FORGINAL medical

I like the fact that FORGINAL medical's products are excellent quality in comparison with what I have seen on the market, especially in other countries. We transform our customers' plans into parts. It is very rewarding to be part of this process.

Sandrine BRUGÈRE

Testing Technician

With FORGINAL medical for 12 years

I got into forging by chance, but since I started I have never stopped training for my job. I love it. I hope to take the place of my older colleagues who are retiring.



With FORGINAL medical for 20 years

What I really like is the huge variety of things we do. Welding, mechanical work, troubleshooting and pipework are just some of the things I do. Maintenance is a huge number of jobs rolled into one.


Polishing Department Manager

With FORGINAL medical for 19 years

I manage the polishing department. I set up the whole department, and I am continuing to improve it. The management have complete faith in us and this is great. I believe that's the way good work is achieved.


Logistics and Purchasing Manager

With FORGINAL medical for 3 years

I like heavy industry. You have to adapt to the business type and the customers, but the world of production is the same. We are there to bring things together, not to solve fundamental problems, but we work alongside people who have a huge amount of technical knowledge, which is very rewarding


Tooling Department

With FORGINAL medical for 4 years

I had always liked the subject but combined with IT, on CNC equipment. It's my thing : programming and optimising manufacturing processes. Making the transition from 3D to IT, it gives you the feeling of a job well done

Céline JUDON

Tooling Quality Manager

With FORGINAL medical for 2 years

At Forginal, I am in charge of setting up and monitoring internal audits, quality procedures, continuous improvement of the tools and in the design office. I am also a member of the company's committee for health and safety at work. The people here get involved: we have over 20 first-aiders in the company


Testing Technician

With FORGINAL medical for 6 years

I did loads of training courses on final testing. Then I joined Forginal where I have learned about the assembly and ajustment of tooling for medical products. I love the "perfection" aspect of medical forging. You have to be very precise in everything you do.

Brigitte VIALLET

Testing Department Manager

With FORGINAL medical for 10 years

I set up the testing department and implemented all the in-production and final quality monitoring. You need a firm grounding in quite a few areas, including metallurgy, heat treatment and measuring systems. I am still learning every day and it is fascinating!


ERP Manager

With FORGINAL medical for 22 years

I prepare all the launches, the in-house organisation of the workflows in the workshops and the definition of lead times, including subcontracting. A great deal of organisation is necessary, and to this end we are preparing for the installation of a new ERP system. 

Laurent MARTIN

Forging Manager

With FORGINAL medical for 12 years

What do I like about it? - Doing things that are useful and beneficial to others. We produce prostheses that improve people's lives and their comfort. You also have to really like precision and a job well done 


Inventory and Raw Materials preparation Manager

I take delivery of the raw materials, I check the quality received and I ensure that everything is perfect so that things go well after me. What I really enjoy is being self-reliant and independent in my job.

Sébastien FERVEL

Process Planning Manager

With FORGINAL medical for 22 years

I am involved right at the project creation stage. I am involved in establishing the rules so that everything is done in accordance with best practices for working and for making the part.