Forged orthopaedic implants

FORGINAL medical, expert in forging orthopaedic implants

In the 1980s, FORGINAL medical was one of the first industrial companies in Europe to become interested in this market – embryonic at the time – for forging orthopaedic implants.

FORGINAL medical started developing medical implants in 1987.

It launched a range of custom-made hip prostheses and medical implants, right through to their blister packing and CE certification.

At that time FORGINAL medical developed a range of hip prostheses to keep in stock for quick delivery of small quantities to its customers (the Müller prosthesis).

In the early 2000s, FORGINAL medical refocused its strategy and abandoned the production of standard parts. It decided to make use of its forging experience and industrial know-how for customers in the medical sector, becoming their preferred subcontractor.

Your requirements


Perfect reproduction of your design


Expert advice on the feasibility of your projects


Optimisation and industrialisation of your production

  • Top quality parts: zero defects
  • Competitive prices
  • Flexibility and reliability of your supplier (lead times, logistics programmes, etc.)

Our solutions

We make your projects happen

FORGINAL medical makes your project a reality, carrying it out based on your drawings and specifications.

We advise you on technical optimisation and we carry out the industrialisation of your parts to ensure cost-effectiveness, safety of the processes, and optimum quality of the finished parts. We are responsible for the design and production of your dedicated tools: all tools are made in-house and tested at FORGINAL medical.

We guarantee top quality manufacture of your parts

With our production process, our quality system and our 25 years’ experience in forging.

We provide you with outstanding service
  • Ability to manufacture small and medium series
  • Logistics study to plan deliveries
  • Stockage of your products if required