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Shoulder prosthesis

Shoulder prosthesis - FORGINAL medical


Shoulder prostheses are smaller than hip prostheses. They often have grooves or ridges for mechanical reasons and/or to help maintain good performance of the medical implant over time. Making shoulder prostheses therefore involves very fine, detailed work and requires great attention to detail and a high degree of precision.


The complex geometric shape that is often required involves particular design of the tool and in-depth expertise in defining the manufacturing process. In fact, since titanium is not a very malleable material, it does not flow easily in the tools and the most minor discrepancy can quickly result in manufacturing defects or blemishes.

The more detailed the required shape of the shoulder prosthesis, the more complex the process. FORGINAL medical has been producing shoulder prostheses for many years and has defined precise design rules for this family of medical implants.

  • Custom design of your forged parts
  • Supply of as-forged medical implants
  • Contouring to deburr your parts
  • Polishing of rough forgings
  • Machining of your parts
  • Medical grade titanium and stainless steel prostheses