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Tibial plates & other implantable plates


Tibial plates are parts that are generally made by machining, as they do not require a high degree of mechanical strength. Implantable plates are mostly very thin and can be quite complex anatomical shapes. Uniformity of the parts and compliance with very precise tolerances are essential.


These parts are technically difficult to make as they are very thin, which presents various challenges:

  • During forging, flattening them and obtaining the required thinness from a circular blank of raw material
  • A very thin parting line
  • Particular attention to the trimming to avoid stress raisers or deformations on the part
  • Contouring rather than trimming for the same reasons
  • Custom design of your forged parts
  • Supply of as-forged medical implants
  • Contouring to deburr your parts
  • Polishing of rough forgings
  • Machining of your parts
  • Medical grade titanium and stainless steel prostheses