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Hip prosthesis

Forging is acknowledged to be the best technique for manufacturing prostheses, due to its exceptional mechanical strength properties.

Hip prostheses, or femoral stems, are the most heavily loaded implants in the human body. The neck of the hip implant (corresponding to the femoral head before the implant is fitted) has to support extremely heavy loads, which can be up to several tonnes per cm² during certain walking and jumping movements.

Forging, due to the nature of the production process, causes grain flow in the internal metal structure of the hip implant. This grain flow, which follows the profile of the implant, gives greater fatigue resistance than any other production technique currently in existence on the market. It is therefore currently the preferred technique for hip implants.

FORGINAL medical can make hip prostheses in medical grade titanium and stainless steel.

The company’s strategy is to only offer custom-made parts. It does not have its own range of implants developed under its own name, such as the Corail stem or the Müller prosthesis, which are standard hip implants widely found on the market.

There are two main reasons for this :
  • We do not want to be in competition with our own customers, most of whom develop their own ranges in these hip implant
  • We want to remain within our area of expertise, medical forging, and provide our specialist expertise in making your subcontracted parts.