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Development plan

Sylvain TERME, president of Forginal

Our philosophy : our customers are our long-term partners

FORGINAL medical‘s management has validated a plan to invest 5% of its sales each year to acquire tools and establish the organisation required for its development. These investments are in both human resources and equipment, and are defined for each department in the 5-year improvement plan, known as D.E.F.I.

The main objectives of this plan are to :

  • Constantly ensure the impeccable quality of our products
  • Reduce manufacturing lead times in order to become the most responsive supplier on the market
  • Maintain competitive prices
  • Implement a new communication strategy
  • Ensure continuity of your supplies

  • Hiring of a new quality manager
  • Regular training of production staff
  • On the Quality, Safety and Environment system
  • On the testing equipment
  • Restructuring of the department
  • Hiring of a quality technician
  • Tightening of the requirements for testing during production
  • Investment in testing equipment
  • Implementation of a specific quality system for the tooling department

  • Installation of a new ERP system which will optimise workflow management
  • Hiring of a logistics and purchasing manager
  • Hiring of a logistics assistant

  • Investment in equipment to increase productivity
  • Reorganisation of the penetrant inspection and polishing department: study of cost and workflow management
  • Automation of part of the polishing process
  • Purchase of a new tribofinishing machine to bring our present and future volume in line with our production capacity
  • Optimisation of the purchasing strategies
  • Strengthening of the sales team
  • Hiring of a trilingual assistant
  • Hiring of an additional sales person in order to have an increased presence with our customers

  • New website published online
  • Corporate identity and style guide updated
  • Creation of new documentation
  • Regular email newsletters to keep you updated on the progress of the development plan

Research and development

FORGINAL medical invests in research and development so that it has a long-term view of the market and can anticipate what new technologies will bring.

For example, FORGINAL medical was part of an economic group called ORTHOPEE, the purpose of which is to carry out experiments on powder technology and additive manufacturing. Various types of prostheses made of a variety of materials have been produced and tested in order to analyse their performance.

We are planning to invest in the performance of this type of technology in the coming years so that we can support you in your future developments.