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Launch of a new ERP at FORGINAL

The entire team of FORGINAL medical is happy to announce the launch of its new ERP on 16 November 2020.

After several months of work, the FORGINAL teams have successfully rolled out their fully-automated management tool in order to have in real time all the necessary information for an Optimum Customer Relationship Management.

A forward-looking 4.0 company

From sales management to invoicing via preventive maintenance and the production chain, the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) manages in a standard and coherent manner the information transmission process by integrating all Forginal’ s services and functions.

Thus, Forginal is comforting its growth and development strategy by proving once again its capacity to adapt to market realities.

This revolution makes Forginal a company which is resolutely customer and partner centric. Always in search of innovative solutions, Forginal has thus increased its capacity to satisfy its customers 100% in terms of deadlines, organisation and above all the exchange of information.

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FORGINAL’s teams are here to help you

In the current context, the implementation of an ERP facilitates remote management and improves responsiveness. Thus, Forginal continues to listen to its customers and can reply in real time to their requests.