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Production : medical forging

FORGINAL’S  medical expertise

Hot drop forging - FORGINAL medical
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forging orthopaedic implants

All forging operations are precisely regulated according to the manufacturing process defined by the process planning department. The recommended process and production tools are tailored specifically to your specifications.

Here is what takes place in a standard forging process :

  • Drawing
  • Rough forging
  • Finish forging
  • Hot trimming

Innovation and R&D

FORGINAL medical applies its know-how to innovation and research and development. This commitment has enabled it to develop very high quality results :

  • It currently guarantees a thickness tolerance of +/- 0.1 mm.
  • This is an initial technological step, which amongst other things enables our customers to substantially limit their machining and improve cost-effectiveness, as the price of the raw material is relatively high.
  • What is more, the quality of finish of the parts is among the best on the market as they are inspected dimensionally and visually at every step in their manufacture to ensure an impeccable final product


  • 3 Montbard power hammers (825 kg, 1,000 kg and 1,250 kg)
  • 1 pneumatic hammer and 1 press for drawing
  • 3 fully mapped rotary furnaces with temperature traceability during production
  • 3 presses, 2 of which are for trimming and 1 for bending
  • 1 stainless steel shot-blasting machine and 1 sandblasting machine

Laurent MARTIN

Forging Manager

FORGINAL medical

What do I like about it? - Doing things that are useful and beneficial to others. We produce prostheses that improve people's lives and their comfort. You also have to really like precision and a job well done 

Forging team

This is made up of 3 people and one forging manager. The average experience of the staff is 15 years in medical forging.