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Process Planning Department

organisation of the overall process and responsible for the individual processes

design - forged implant

The process planning department checks the technical data and the feasibility of the parts for forging. It checks the following points in particular :

  • The required dimensions and tolerances
  • The type of raw material to be used
  • The applicable standards (for forging, materials, testing, appearance, etc.)
  • The customer’s specifications and requirements

Following this analysis, the department determines the most suitable manufacturing process for your requirements. It specifies the production facilities, the subcontracted operations and the tests to be carried out.

This department is at the very heart of the business so that it can work closely with the company’s operational teams. It is only once they have validated the manufacturing process and the tests on the parts that series production is started. The specialist experience of the process planners ensures that the production processes are optimised.

Process Planning team

The team is made up of 2 technically trained staff who have more than 20 years’ professional experience in metallurgy.

Sébastien FERVEL

Process Planning Manager

With FORGINAL medical for 22 years

I am involved right at the project creation stage. I am involved in establishing the rules so that everything is done in accordance with best practices for working and for making the part.