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Steps in the finishing process : contouring, polishing and tribofinishing

There are numerous tasks to be carried out after forging, in order to obtain a finished part. These are the main steps :


Contouring - FORGINAL medicalWe use a trimming tool to remove any remaining flash on the rough forging. This is not required on the finished forgings.
We then carry out a contouring operation on the finish-forged parts to avoid creating any defects at the parting lines of the prostheses and to avoid any deformation.

This technique (unlike finishing in a press) enables us to guarantee full compliance of the design of your products. As titanium is a material that has a shape memory, straightening would only mask any defect temporarily.

This contouring makes the polishing operation easier as it leaves only a tiny portion of the parting line to be smoothed out to give a perfect finish to your parts.


Polishing - FORGINAL medical

This is done in 2 steps: intermediate polishing and final polishing.

In the first, any machining marks are polished off.

In the second :

  • The surface condition of the prostheses is perfected
  • The final visual appearance is achieved


Tribofinishing - FORGINAL medical

Chemical-mechanical polishing or tribofinishing is a process for deburring and refining the surface of metal parts. The parts are placed in a rotating abrasive mixture
in a closed tank.
This treatment gives the required smoothness depending upon the parameters such as polishing time and speed of rotation.
These criteria are precisely defined in the manufacturing process for your parts according to the appearance you want to obtain.

Finishing equipment

  • 1 palletised machining centre with pneumatic fixtures
  • 1 polishing robot
  • 6 manual polishing positions
  • 11 tribofinishing tanks and various finishing equipment


Polishing Department Manager

With FORGINAL medical for 19 years

I manage the polishing department. I set up the whole department, and I am continuing to improve it. The management have complete faith in us and this is great. I believe that's the way good work is achieved.

Finishing team

6 people.
Contouring is entrusted to the proven know-how of a polisher with many years’ experience.
This person has an excellent knowledge of the requirements of all the steps in the finishing process and works as part of the polishing team.

Polishing is one of the most critical parts of the finishing process. It requires considerable know-how and great precision of movement. Our finish polishers have at least 5 years’ experience.