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Design office – CAE

Design office – CAE

Bureau d'études - FORGINAL medical

FORGINAL medical, your supplier for forgings

The task of the design office is to transform your drawings of finished parts into drawings of as-forged parts.

Each customer part is reproduced in 3D using Solidworks™ in order to incorporate the information needed to manufacture in the forging process. Various technical points are checked at this stage (draft, radii, parting lines, dimensional tolerances, form tolerances, etc.).

After validation by the customer of the forging drawing, the design office designs the various tools required at each stage of the production process. The machining path for the creation of each forging tool is simulated to ensure the best possible appearance after forging.

How is a tool prepared ?

The rules for designing a forging tool are not limited to a single forming cavity. An in-depth study is necessary in order to :

conception outillage - FORGINAL medical
  • Comply as closely as possible with your technical requirements
  • Validate the surface quality of the parts after forging
  • Optimise the machining time of the forging tooling
  • Maximise the service life of the tools in order to reduce costs

Project manager

The project manager is a member of the CAE team. He/she is responsible for your project from beginning to end, from the design of your part right through to its series production.

Project manager- FORGINAL medical

Expertise :

  • The production of drawings and tools
  • Technical advice to optimise your part
  • Ensuring that forging trials are carried out correctly
  • Monitoring project milestones and logistics in-house

CAE team

There are 5 people in the design office.
They are all trained in the use of design and machining software.
They all have technical qualifications and have at least 5 years’ professional experience.

CAE equipment

  • In-house data sheets :

These are FORGINAL medical’s in-house rules for designing tools. They are a mixture of traditional forging rules and FORGINAL medical‘s specialist skills, capitalising on knowledge gained from the company’s 35 years’ experience.

  • SOLIDWORKS™ software
  • MASTERCAM™ software
  • FORGE 4™ software

Dominique SAUZEDDE

Design Office

With FORGINAL medical for 17 years

I love what I do because it is one of those rare jobs where you go from a simple "lump of metal" to a finished precision part. In my job, I create things, using tools that have virtually infinite possibilities.


Design Office

With FORGINAL medical for 5 years

I was in the tooling design office, like I am here. The work here is a bit different on the materials we use.What I like about my job is that it is never the same! There's something new to do every day. It is anything but monotonous.