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Céline JUDON

Tooling Quality Manager

With Forginal medical for 2 years

“My basic training was in quality organisation and management. I first worked in the process planning and quality department in the automotive industry, then I was taken on as a quality/environment technician in an SME that produces medical and pharmaceutical packaging. I stayed there for 14 years.

At Forginal, I am in charge of setting up and monitoring internal audits, quality procedures, continuous improvement of the tools and in the design office. I am also a member of the company’s committee for health and safety at work. The people here get involved: we have over 20 first-aiders in the company, when the law only requires us to have 8 or 9.

What I really like is the atmosphere here, which can be a bit rough and ready with the men, but I’ve become their mascot. I like their frank, direct approach. When we work together, we make progress together.”